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Architectural Woodworking

We are perfectionists in our workmanship and experts in our abilities to choose the perfect materials and craft the most beautiful and functional designs. We have a thorough understanding and working knowledge of wood movement, ultimate moisture contents, seasoning procedures and how to integrate all factors into design for the best final product.

Our wood working shop in Napa, CA is equipped with the right tools to produce the unparalleled results that suit your needs. There are many reasons and needs for custom woodworking and we can assist you in every aspect from design to construction so that the goals for your project are met with excellence. We will help you take your creative idea and turn it into a beautifully crafted reality by listening to your ideas, drafting them on paper and fine-tuning them so that the finished product is a perfect match to your vision. Woodworking projects that require repair or replacement of an existing aesthetic or functional feature receive appropriate attention to detail so that the result is a seamlessly matched preservation that maintains the architectural and aesthetic value that was originally intended. We are prepared and properly equipped with the knowledge, tools, materials and expertise to exceed the expectations of your wood working project either on-site or from our shop.

Our specialties in the realm of woodworking include:

  • Custom cabinetry

  • Timber frame joinery

  • Corbels of any size and shape

  • Custom doors

  • Custom furniture

  • Custom carvings

  • Log joinery

  • Japanese joinery

  • Replacement window sashes to an exact match

  • Any other custom woodwork or joinery

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