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Company Overview


Small Business




236220: Commercial and Industrial Building Construction


CA Class-B: General Building Contractor

CA Class-A: Engineering Construction Contractor




Up to $15,000,000


Based in Napa, Ca, Treeline is a small business firm offering general construction and
engineering construction services. We have extensive experience supporting
innovative private and public construction projects including work with local
municipalities, cities, and the National Park Service within California. We excel at
working collaboratively with owners, architects, designers, engineers, and all project

We pride ourselves in always going the extra mile to understand the needs and
constraints of each project, while saving our clients time and money. This approach has
led to strong relationships with a diverse client base. Our proactive and collaborative
approach to project management and construction has yielded tremendous results on
even the most challenging projects and, as a result, we have gained a deep insight into
the needs of our clients, particularly those of the National Park Service.


For the last five decades of rehabilitating mostly historic structures, we have been
repairing failures in all different climates and environmentally varying conditions.
Through this process we have had the opportunity to analyze the cause of failures -
from waterproofing, to expansion/contraction issues, to complex structural failures.

We offer constructability recommendations to ensure the longevity of each project.
Once a project is being negotiated, we offer value engineering solutions where
possible. Each project is unique, but usually has aspects that are comparable to
previous projects. We retain line-item cost data from each project for use in future
projects which enables us to estimate accurately and know how to offer “value
engineering” for each task.

As team members, we have a proven track record of working collaboratively with each
project’s A and E, and NPS on even the most challenging projects – always striving for
the most appropriate, efficient, and cost-effective solutions possible.

As a company we are deeply committed to the long-term success of our National Parks
and are excited for the opportunity to contribute to their legacy.
The foundation of Treeline’s success is our expertise and self-performed experience in
the area of Historic Preservation and retrofitting. Our proactive approach to project
management and risk mitigation lends itself to a thorough understanding of the
projects we manage and construct, which in turn contributes to the success of the
projects we build. Our approach allows our team of seasoned construction experts to
add value early in the project life-cycle (in the form of critical constructability), and
throughout the construction process.

Treeline holds both a class A Engineering license and a class B General Construction license.

Gary Linowski, Treeline's Founder and President, has been involved in construction for over 45 years. Gary finds enjoyment in construction through his ability to solve the complex challenges that seismic retrofit and preservation often offers. Gary is a member of the Timber Framers Guild and enjoys log, timber and Japanese joinery. His resume includes the retrofit of a Bernard Maybeck building, structural strengthening of a vertical mine shaft at Meteor Crater, and 15 years working on new and preservation projects for the National Park Service in Yosemite National Park.

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