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South Lot Comfort Station, Plaza, and Bus Shelter (2020)
Yosemite National Park

Overview: As part of a larger overhaul of the visitor experience in Yosemite National Park, a new parking area, bus shelter, interpretive plaza, and comfort station were added to the old “Camp 6” area, now renamed South Lot.

Treeline’s role: Construction of this all-new comfort station, plaza, and bus shelter was sub-contracted to Treeline, in which we self-performed divisions 1 through 9, quality control, safety, and project management. Like the Mariposa Grove Comfort Stations and Visitor Center, and Camp 4, this building had a very high visual profile. The building utilizes timber framing, granite skirting, cedar siding, and cedar shingles. We also built the visitor’s plaza, and it’s related civil components of concrete and underground utilities, surrounding the Comfort Station with custom 5’x10’ log benches, which we milled ourselves using downed Sugar Pines from the 2021 wind event. A
timber framed bus shelter, and placement of large granite boulders completed this unique job.

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