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West Point Inn Structural Strengthening and Rehabilitation

Location: Mt. Tamalpias, Mill Valley, CA

Overview: The West Point Inn is located near the top of Mt. Tamalpias in Mill Valley, Ca. The Inn was built in 1904 by the railroad as a restaurant and stopover for passengers making connections with the stagecoach to Willow Camp (Stinson Beach) and Bolinas.

Treeline’s role: In 2006, Treeline performed a foundation strengthening and replaced all but the roof of the member’s lounge. We also replaced the worn and weathered portions of the building that a structure of this vintage would require. As any historic restoration requires, we matched the finishes of the new materials to that of the historic finishes. We also facilitated this project during the winter months to take advantage of the slower tourist season and thus had the least economic impact on the Inns operations.

The work was performed under the direction of architect Gee Hechsher for Architectural Resources Group (ARG) in San Francisco.

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