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Mariposa Grove Boardwalk Storm Damage Reconstruction (2021 to 2022)

Location: Yosemite National Park

Overview: The Mariposa Grove Boardwalk was also damaged by the January 2021 Mono Wind Event which tore through Yosemite National Park causing widespread damage due to downed trees. Many trees including 21 Giant Sequoias were toppled in the Mariposa Grove. The Mariposa Grove Boardwalk, part of a one-mile interpretive trail through these majestic giants, was built by NPS Trails, and finished in 2017. The boardwalk suffered major damage to its helical anchors, steel sub-structure, and
Alaskan Yellow Cedar decking.


Treeline’s role: Treeline was contracted as the prime contractor to design a demo and re-build plan taking special care to the needs of a sensitive riparian area in the midst of dozens of Giant Sequoias. Treeline removed flattened 9” and 12” I-beams, posts, and hardware, and had all steel reproduced to original specs. Then all Alaskan Yellow Cedar was removed and re-fabricated. This special job tapped into Treeline’s unique capabilities for on-the-fly ingenuity, and a deep understanding of working within sensitive ecological systems. Treeline self-performed all aspects of this job, including quality control, safety, and project management.

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