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Mariposa Grove Storm Damage Repair – Reconstruction of Lower Grove Comfort Station (2021 to 2022)

Location: Yosemite National Park

Overview: The January 2021 Mono Wind Event caused widespread damage throughout Yosemite National Park due to fallen trees. One large 48” diameter Sugar Pine fell on the Lower Grove Comfort Station which we built and finished in 2017. This tree caused extensive damage to the building requiring 75% new construction including walls, timber framing, all utilities, roof, siding, etc. The foundation was
unaffected and some walls were salvageable.

Treeline’s role: Treeline was contracted to remove the large tree from the structure the day after it fell, and waterproof the building in order to save as much as possible from water damage. Since the event happened in January, there was still plenty of winter ahead. We removed the tree, and built temporary rafters and a roof, and covered the building for the winter. In the meantime, Treeline constructed a feasibility plan for a
rebuild, and was contracted in the fall of 2021 to rebuild the structure. Treeline self-performed all aspects of the rebuild, including a careful demo of post and beam framing in which 27” thick beams were shattered. We shored the building up, carefully took it apart, and rebuilt the building in 6 months. Treeline self-performed divisions 1 through 9, quality control, safety, and project management.

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