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Pena Adobe Structural/Seismic Strengthening and Rehabilitation

Location: Vacaville, Ca

Overview: The Pena adobe was constructed in 1843 and has been repaired at least twice since first built. It is now the focus feature of the Pena Adobe Park for the City of Vacaville, CA.


Treeline’s role: Our scope of work for the Pena Adobe was mostly a seismic strengthening and structural upgrade. We placed a concrete bond beam on top of the adobe walls, replaced the roof and replaced many of the adobe blocks with site made blocks using adobe from on site. Additionally, we pinned the corners of the building together with six-foot-long fiberglass threaded rods and epoxy, repaired cracks in the walls and repaired the adobe walkways. The City of Vacaville and architect Gil Sanchez were a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process.

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