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Curry Village Food Service Court, Bar, and Deck (2020 to 2021)

Location: Yosemite National Park

Overview: As part of a major remodel, The Historic Curry Village Food Court, and Bar was selectively demolished, original materials removed, restored, matched and replaced. A new food court, new bar, and dining area were rehabilitated taking into consideration historic components and complementary new finishes.

Treeline’s role: Treeline was sub-contracted to perform the historic materials salvage and replacement in this extensive remodel. In the food court, Treeline installed new structural beams, framing, doors, redwood paneling and finish. In the dining area Treeline removed historic redwood paneling and trim, installed new framing, structural truss reinforcement, and re-installed historic paneling and trim, as well as installing new complementary materials. Treeline worked on components of the new Peet’s Coffee shop, including installation of cabinetry, and new and historic trim and paneling. Treeline installed the new bar counter, trim, ceiling finish, siding, and trim in the new
Curry Bar. We also selectively demoed the existing 2000 sf deck, and rebuilt the new sub-structure, deck, stairs, and railings to match the original. We performed divisions 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, & 9, as well as quality control, safety, and project management.

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